Source of funds
1. The school has a variety of donations.
2. foreign enterprises, social organizations and individuals voluntary contributions.
3. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises, social groups and individuals in voluntary contributions.
4. domestic enterprises and institutions, social organizations and individuals voluntary contributions.
5. The income of financial institutions through charging interest and purchasing of bonds, shares of income
Fund raising
1. insist on raising funds on the basis of a broad mobilization of the principles of voluntary donation. Through propaganda "through science and education","long-term goal, education-oriented ", for support of the community, voluntary donated money for education.
2. Using Jiaotong University¡¯s alumni across a wide range of contacts at home and abroad, "grateful" to raise funds for the Fund.
3. Strict procedures and norms to accept donations. Council office takes charge of receiving the donation. After receiveing a donation, the donor issues a legal certificate, a certificate, the implementation of strict money or transfer of custody and financial audit system.
Preferential tax policies
According to international practice, to the Education Development Foundation's donations to the local tax authorities to apply, generally free of duty may be granted.
The principle of the use of the Fund
1. Fund has a variety of the school endowment fund and non-directed contributions.
The original fund generally not used. If in the situation that it is really necessary to use, must be approved by the Foundation executive director. Contributions donated by the Foundation directed by intention to implementation.
2. Where the funded projects must be used for particular purposes, shall not be used for other purposes.
Use of the Funds
1. In accordance with the wishes of the donor directed use.
2. Improvement of school facilities, including buildings, equipment, books and information.
3. Funded basic research, teaching and research.
4. Subsidizing teachers, graduate students in the SCI, EI core source of foreign publications to retrieve the necessary published page charges.
5. Assistance of teachers to study abroad and attend international academic conferences. 6. Reward outstanding students and outstanding teachers, support poor students.
7. Foundation executive director will support funded projects if needed.
Approval of the Fund
1. Each November, the Foundation make up the budget plan next year. Then it should submit the plan to the Council (or the executive director of the Council) discussed and approved, by the planned supervision of the implementation of the Foundation office. Use outside the project budget plan, more than half of the members of the Foundation executive director of the Council agreed to before implementation.
2. On the funded projects, the Foundation's Office have the right to organize experts to supervise and inspect the implementation of the project, such as problem identification, corrective Foundation office, among observations, on a serious breach of an agreement, may recommend to the General Council to stop funding and to recover funds .
Fund management
1. Funds will be separate accounting, the accountants with the necessary, open a separate bank account, in strict accordance with the relevant State provisions Foundation accounts.
2. Fund raising, the use of accepted Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the People's Bank of China Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Social Organizations and other government departments in charge of auditing, monitoring, and regularly reported to the Fund income and expenditure.
3. From time to time to the public fund payments, and accept the supervision of the community.