The central square of overseas students apartment

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Student apartment in the heart of the design around a central square has a very profound meaning.

To land is the principle of radius and geometry into the design, which share the eternal theme of Ze-hui. Central parts of the book by the bronze composition. It has been a general sense from the local concept of sculpture, it is a device that is into the whole spirit and essence of the environment. She solidified form (form) extends the eternal theme of the university campus. It is simple and no shortage of heavy, it is surrounded by flowers around. Cobblestone-paved road accessibility and the Imagination clock symbol, such constitutes a "party " and "Circle " interspersed with scattered, while demonstrating the Crossroad traffic while maintaining consistency with the surrounding landscape. Axis into the center of Central Square, which connect and converge with the ideas and healthy sentiment, when you look down, its very clear context of artistic appeal.

The total budget of 15 million yuan attractions need to raise to the community.