Ren wenyu grant ( for school)()

Institution:Ren jiugao, the honorable member of the board of trustees in school  Amount:1000 Thousands/year

Start date:2010-05-01   End date:长期

About donor:Ren wen yu is the mother of a famous man in Hong Kong called Ren jiumu. To commemorate his mother’s inculcation, and support the education of shanghai jiao tong university, specially to subsidize those poor students to finish their study, and to arouse the public awareness of helping poor students, Ren jiumu sets up this grant.


30 bachelors / year, 40 masters / year

shanghai jiao tong university volunteering service fund ( for school)()

Institution:si yuan foundation  Amount:50 Thousands/year

Start date:2010-04-08   End date:长期

About donor: Si yaun foundation is a charity organization registered in HongKong, which is set up by Chen zengtao and the couple of chen xuqiming in 1997. It is obvious that the name of this foundation comes from the idiom: when one drinks water, one should not forget where the water from is. Since the foundation has set up, it has made great contribution to the development of educational cause.


volunteering public ware fare events.

Shanghai jiaotong university Hong Kong moral will grant (for school)()

Institution:Hong Kong moral will  Amount:1200 Thousands/year

Start date:2010-01-01   End date:2010-12-31

About donor:Hong Kong moral will is founded in 1924, which aims to promote the research and practice of morality, and publicize the social ware fare.


400 poor students, 3000 RMB/ person.

Wu weiquan food aid funds ( for school)()

Institution:Wu weiquan charity foundation  Amount:60 Thousands/year

Start date:2010-01-01   End date:长期

About donor:Wu weiquan is the father of the famous patriotic industrialist Wu shunde in Hong Kong, in 2002, Wu shunde donated 5 million Hong Kong dollars to build the expert building in xuhui campus. At the same time, he donated 2 million Hong Kong dollars to set up the Wu weiquan grant project. In June 2009, in order to furher help those poor students, he set Up Wu weiquan food aid funds in our school.


50 poor students / year, 1200/ person.

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