Coco-cola outstanding contribution for environmental protection award (school of environmental science and engineering)()

Institution£ºCoca-Cola beverages (Shanghai) Co., LTD. ¡¡Amount£º35 Thousands/year

Start date£º2010-09-01¡¡¡¡ End date£º2014-12-31

About donor:The tenet of coco-cola company is ¡° live actively, optimistically¡± and aims to be a responsible world civil. It has made a great contribution to the local environment, especially for the protection of water. At the same time, coco-cola pays much attention to cooperate with the environmental protection department in order to publicize the knowledge of en environmental protection, and it spares no efforts to promote the publics¡¯ awareness of protecting the environment


individuals or teams who has made contribution to environmental protection.

Chenyue Scholarship ( school of software)(Èí¼þѧԺ)

Institution£ºalumni wang ¡¡Amount£º0 Thousands/year

Start date£º2010-07-30¡¡¡¡ End date£º2020-07-30

About donor:

Alumni wang was graduated from the school of software in our school. In order to express gratitude and support the educational development of jiao tong university, he donated 1 million RMB to set up Chenyue scholarship.


favor for the excellent master students of software engineering project orientated in management

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