Shen Nanpeng and other graduates of first Experimental class set up scholarship in SJTU


    On June 28, Shen Nanpeng , Well-known alumni of Shanghai Jiaotong University ,Signed with his alma mater to set up Zhiyuan outstanding-student scholarship in Shanghai Jiaotong University Individually.As the first Experimental class graduates of Shanghai Jiaotong university£¬he also contract with school on behalf of the donor groups in the class to set up grants in Zhiyuan school

    On behalf of the university, Wang Xiaofan, the senior vice president of Zhiyuan school, signed with Shen Nanpeng. Zhang Jie, the president of SJTU issued “si yuan” award of excellence to Shen Nanpeng and expressed gratitude to Experimental class alumni for their strong support.

    Shen Nanpeng said that the then Experimental class and the current Zhiyuan school, are all dedicated to put the notion of elite education into practice. No matter in which field, the talents graduated from these schools should shoulder more social responsibilities and bear positive influences to the society. It is his wish that he can make a contribution to Zhiyuan School. Later, he exchanged ideas with students from Zhiyuan School, in which he reminded his study time in Experimental class and his unforgettable experience of social practice in Ding Xi. Besides, he also made some personal opinions on how to find the life orientation and how to stick to the dream.