2010 special scholarships, grants, Teaching Award Notice issued


2010 special scholarships, grants, Teaching Award Notice issued

Various scholarships, grants, Teaching Award will be issued today. Teachers and students, please pay attention to your credit card.

1. Scholarships:

    Liu Yuan Scholarship, Pan Wenyuan Scholarship, Chinese Academy of Sciences Scholarship, Yang Scholarship, Samsung Scholarship, Zhang Liangren Scholarship, excellent student Scholarship, Yang Yuqiu Scholarship,Toshiba Scholarship, Fudi Scholarship, XOM Scholarship, Tencent technical Scholarship , Citibank Scholarship, CASCaerospace science and technology Scholarship, Lu Boxun Scholarship, Bao Gang for students from HK,Macao,and Tai Wan Scholarship. Bao Gang Scholarship, the Dow chemical Scholarship , signapore technical engineering Scholarship, Unilever star of marketing Scholarship, Guang Hua Scholarship, Ailgent Scholarship , Kai Li “studious” Scholarship, South Asia &Tai Cang Scholarship, Fangqiang Scholarship, SMC Gao Tian Scholarship, IBM Scholarship, Wen Shilie Scholarship, Wu Yousheng Scholarship, Zhao Zhu Mulan Scholarship, Pursuing Truth Scholarship, Zhaohe electrical Scholarship, Omuron Scholarship, Tencent Scholarship, Wu Weiquan Scholarship, Liu Renxun Scholarship, San Jin chemical Scholarship, Electronically 14 Scholarship, Unliver innovation Scholarship, Jiang Zhen Scholarship¡£ 

2. Grants

    Tian Yi consulting grant, Yong Xie grant, shanghai charity foundation sharp grant, Jiang Xi alumni grant, New Great Wall grant, Bei Jing alumni grant, Fudi grant, Tang Jumei grant, Jin Qingyang grant, Guo Xiebirong grant, Zhang Mingwei grant, Wu Weiquan for meals grant, CNOOC grant, Hu Faguang grant, Zhang Naixin grant, HK ethnics grant, Hardworking and thrift grant, Wai Ye grant, Alumni grant, Wang Jiaoren grant, Chenxing grant, Tibet student grant, shanghai charity grant, Hai Li grant, Lin Chenxiaowen grant, Liu Renxun grant, ABB grant.

3. Teaching awards:

    Bao Gang teaching award, Citibank software teaching award, Ling Hongxun teaching award

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