Li Tian He Scholarship Award Ceremony held



    In the morning of September 30, Shanghai Jiaotong University, "LI Tian He " scholarship award ceremony at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering was held. Scholarship founder Dr. Li Tianhe wife Miss Li Jinping and their relatives, and mechanical power, Professor Dean of Li-Feng Xi, the International Cooperation and Exchange Huang Xinchang teachers, college students working mechanical power head teacher Zhao Xin attended the ceremony. Mechanical Power Engineering, Vice-Chairman Zhu Zixin Prime Extension students chaired the ceremony.



    At first, Xi Lifeng, vice-dean of the department of Mechanical Power Engineering extended warm welcome to Miss Li Jinping and their relatives. He retold the lives of Dr. Li Tianhe to the students present. He said that he was moved by Dr. Li, and was proud of him. At the same time, he encouraged those winning students to study hard, pursue dreams in order to live up to Dr. Li’s expectations. Later, Miss Li Jinping and Xi Lifeng, vice-dean of Mechanical Power Engineering issued "LI Tian He " scholarship award to those winning students.




    Dr. Li Tianhe is 1964’s alumni of the department of Mechanical Power Engineering, and he has made great contributions to in the field of Electric Power Engineering. Although he has achieved great success in the researching areas, he still shows much concern on cultivating talents for our country. To help those poor students who are excellent in learing, he set up "LI Tian He " scholarship and "LI Tian He " class in alma mater, which provides a good platform for students to bring out their talents.