Outstanding student awards ceremony of the year 2014 of the Shanghai Jiaotong University- ¡°The power of example¡± was held

Author£ºWang Hongdong

    On December 30, outstanding student awards ceremony of the year 2014-“The power of example” was held at Chan Suikau auditorium of the Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Jiang Sixian, the party secretary, Zhu Jian, deputy party secretary, Zhang Ansheng and Xu Xuemin, vice president, Liu Xila, Yu Yong, Li Yizhong, Shi Suohua, the renowned Professors, the head of the faculties,departments, divisions and directly affiliated institutions, and the unit leader of Zhi Yaogu Investment Management Ltd and United Water Group attended the ceremony.