First í░Rober Stein-Yan Guojue Scholarshipí▒ Award Ceremony & Symposium was held

Authorú║Development Office

         First “Rober Stein-Yan Guojue scholarship” award ceremony & symposium was held at Minhang Campus on December 18th. Alumnus Yan Guojue, the establisher of the scholarship, came to SJTU to attend the award ceremony and communicated with the three students from Zhiyuan College and School of International and Public Affairs who won the Scholarship.

“Robert Stein-Yan Guojue Scholarship” was founded in 1982 by Alumnus Yan Guojue, in honour of Mr. Robert Stein, an American who provided economic and spiritual assistance to Yan Guojue. The scholarship aims to encourage students in SJTU to study harder.

Robert Stein, born in New York on November 1st, was a master of Harvard University, who assisted a lot of immigrants to American from China and other countries, including Alumnus Yan Guojue.